How to return a product

What return options do I have?

If you are not satisfied, or the product is incomplete and / or damaged, you may return the product within 14 days of receipt or exchange it for another product.
Returning a product is free. We therefore bear the costs of the return shipment.
This return service applies to the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg.

What do I have to do to return my product?

If you want to return a product, you can do this by contacting us by telephone (+31 (0) 204234100) or by sending an email ( Please state your account number and account name, so that we can refund the purchase amount to you (after receipt and inspection of your product).

Do you pick up my product at home or do I have to return it myself?

Small products such as a headrest or a monitor arm can be returned to us free of charge in the original packaging via a PostNL point (Netherlands) or PostNL point (Belgium) near you. We will collect large and / or heavy products, such as office chairs and sit / stand tables, free of charge at your home. We will always let you know by email how you can return your product after you have submitted a return notification.

How do I pack my product to return it?

We recommend that you (temporarily) keep the original packaging in which you received the product so that you can use this packaging for returning.

When shipping with NLpost:

If you no longer have the original packaging, use another sturdy box to package the product. Make sure the product is securely and protected in the box and seal the box tightly. Print your shipping label and stick it on the box.
We will collect office chairs and desks from you. Preferably in the original packaging.
You do not have to disassemble office chairs delivered unassembled, we will collect them as a complete product.

Can I return one of the products from my order?

Yes. If you have ordered multiple products, you can always return a single product.

Will I be refunded the full purchase amount after returning?

Almost always. But it is logically dependent on the condition of your product.
To get the full purchase price back, it is therefore important to return your product complete and undamaged.
Small traces of use are logical and we are not difficult about it.
If we receive your product incomplete and / or damaged, we will determine the depreciation based on the condition of your product.

Can I return my product in the store?

Yes, you can drop off your product in our store in Amsterdam. You do not have to register this in advance.
After receipt and inspection, we will refund the purchase amount to your account.

Can I return a second chance product?

Yes, on 2nd chance products the same return conditions apply as on new products.

How soon will I be refunded after returning?

As soon as we have received your return shipment, we will refund you within 5 working days.
Make sure that you let us know your account number and account name when registering your return.
This will speed up the repayment.