Herman Miller, set of wheels hard floors

Herman Miller, set of wheels hard floors

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€ 35,00 Excl. 21% VAT

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  • Wheels for hard floors (no carpet)
  • Semi-braked suitable for all Herman Miller chairs
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Wat u moet weten over wielen

If you are going to use your chair on wood, concrete, laminate, tiles or a cast floor, you need wheels for hard floors.
This type of wheel has a light braking effect if you are not on it.

The outer edge of these wheels is of a softer plastic type, which minimizes the chance of scratches on the floor.

If you are going to use the chair on a soft type of wood (spruce / pine), we recommend a plastic protective plate to prevent damage to the floor.
You also need wheels for hard floors with such a protective plate.

These wheels are suitable for the Herman Miller Aeron 1 and 2, Mirra 1 and 2, Setu, Sayl, Celle, Embody, Lino, Caper and Cosm.


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