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Score Jumper saddle chair
Score Jumper saddle chair
Score Jumper saddle chair

Score Jumper saddle chair

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The Score Jumper saddle chair is the big saddle. the score Amazone saddle chair is smaller.

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A ‘seated stance’ or ‘standing sit’. In other words: sitting actively and relaxed in the ergonomically favorable posture. That is the philosophy behind the innovative Score saddle stools. The shape of the Amazone seat facilitates the most open hip angle. Your weight is divided evenly across the seat and the floor. The Amazone seat strikes the best possible balance between the control and healthy posture of ‘standing’, and the comfort of ‘sitting’.

Which saddle and which seat height should you choose

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You choose with the option seating angle, T to adjusted the seating.


  • a fixed seat angle means that you cannot adjust the angle of the saddle. The saddle is always straight.
  • adjustable seat angle means you can tilt it back and forth.
  • balance adjustable, means that the saddle can move in all directions. You can adjust the stiffness
    with which this will be set by turning or loosening a ring under the saddle.

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