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RH Logic 300
RH Logic 300
RH Logic 300
RH Logic 300
RH Logic 300

RH Logic 300

€ 1.760,55 Incl. 21% VAT

€ 1.455,00 Excl. 21% VAT

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  • we deliver throughout the Netherlands and in Belgium
  • 10 year RH warranty
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Swedish solidity

Scandinavian countries are at the forefront of ergonomics. The Logic 300 is a good example of this. This chair is complete, can be set very accurately and is often used as a problem solver.


  • suitable for body height 1.70 to 1.88 meters
  • seat cushion with perfect pressure distribution
  • cushions with a thick layer of wool under the cover
  • Tvedt back cushion for extra padding between shoulder blades
  • standard with seat depth adjustment
  • back cushion very suitable for modeling
  • backrest 44.5×50 cm (WxH)
  • seat 46.5×47.5 cm (WxD)
  • seat depth adjustment 10 cm
  • seat height 41.5 – 52.5 cm
  • back angle and back height adjustment
  • tilt mechanism with weight adjustment
  • star base 5MA gray lacquered aluminum
  • large 65mm wheels for carpet

Pluspunten van deze stoel

  • Top class office chair with long life (> 15 years)
  • very good pelvic support due to back cushion shape and adjustable back angle
  • smooth-running tilt mechanism with precise weight adjustment
  • tilting mechanism can be infinitely locked at any angle
  • armrests can also be adjusted extra narrow (up to 34 cm spacing)
  • pleasant-to-touch and durable Gabriel Select upholstery


The RH Logic office chairs that we supply are standard equipped with:

  • seat depth and seat height adjustment
  • back angle and back height adjustment
  • adjustable tilt mechanism
  • adjustable lumbar support (with air pump)

Available as an option, not in stock.

  • adjustable head / neck support
  • polished star foot
  • various high-quality coverings / colors
  • custom adjustments (including Tempur seat, adapted armrests)
  • Do you want more information about the possibilities?
  • Please contact us or visit our showroom.