Herman Miller Aeron 2 Carbon Polished ***SPECIAL DEAL***
Herman Miller Aeron 2 Carbon Polished ***SPECIAL DEAL***
Herman Miller Aeron 2 Carbon Polished ***SPECIAL DEAL***
Herman Miller Aeron 2 Carbon Polished ***SPECIAL DEAL***
Herman Miller Aeron 2 Carbon Polished ***SPECIAL DEAL***
Herman Miller Aeron 2 Carbon Polished ***SPECIAL DEAL***

Herman Miller Aeron 2 Carbon Polished ***SPECIAL DEAL***

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€ 1.499,00
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Remastered? The new improved version!

Everyone knows the Aeron Classic, what can you improve on that now?

  • You can now also slide the armrests forwards and backwards. This is a huge advantage, you can now sit much closer to your table, which prevents neck and shoulder complaints.
  • The “SL Dual Zone” back support provides support in two places. Low in the back and a bit higher at the loin.
  • The tilt mechanism has been completely renewed, which ensures an even balance, the same resistance everywhere.
  • The resistance of the tilt mechanism can now be adjusted quickly with a few turns. (on the classic model you had to run endlessly)
  • The net tension has become slightly firmer. This is an advantage, especially at the seat. The edge of the seat slopes better.
  • There are three new colors: a lighter graphite, carbon and mineral.
  • See here the product sheet and colours.


Full Options - Carbon - Polished

  • Full options means that the chair is equipped with all adjustment options.
  • Mesh covering back and seat: 8Z Pellicle, color Carbon
  • Foot cross: polished aluminum
  • Chassis: polished aluminum
  • Frame around back and seat: plastic, color Carbon
  • Tilting mechanism with weight adjustment
  • PostureFit SL with Dual zone back support
  • Height-adjustable armrests
  • Depth-adjustable and rotating armrests
  • Backward tilt can be limited
  • Extra forward tilt (with blocking possibility)
Which size should I choose?

Which size should I choose?

A, B or C?

As far as we know, the Herman Miller Aeron is the only chair that comes in different sizes. The huge advantage of buying a custom chair is that you don’t have to adjust as much, because the chair already fits. What you need to know:

  • The Herman Miller Aeron as a whole becomes larger. By this I mean that not only the seat of the larger size gets bigger, but also the back and also the armrests become further apart with a larger size.
  • That is why a larger size sometimes fits better when you are a bit heavier and sometimes a narrow person fits better in a relatively smaller size. You will be better off with the armrests.
  • A larger chair sometimes feels better initially, but a chair that is too big often gives less support in the lower back.
  • Size A: the smallest size. Up to a length of 162cm you are in a size A anyway. Between 162 and 170 a B could also be, then you have to be a bit heavier from 70kg
  • Size B: the middle size. With a height of 170 to 188, almost everyone is in a size B. If you weigh 95 kg or more, size C is also eligible.
  • Size C: the largest size. Everyone over 188 is almost always the best in a size C. Sometimes a size B may be better when someone is very light or narrow.
  • Maximum allowed weight: 136kg (A) 159kg (B and C)
  • Seat height: 40-50 cm (A) 46-59 cm (B en C)
  • Seat depth 44cm (A) 46cm (B) 50cm (C)

If you are somewhere in between or are in doubt, it is advisable to come and try on. We have all sizes in the showroom.

The showroom

You can fit here!

Why you sit better in one chair is often very personal. Only your height does not say much, it has to do with the entire construction of your body. One has a hollow back, the other very long thighs and so on. So feel free to drop by to fit a chair with us.

The showroom