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Framery Q
Framery Q
Framery Q
Framery Q
Framery Q
Framery Q

Framery Q

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The framery Q the acoustic pod for your office. The acoustic pod is ideal for calls, video calls or consultations. The Framery Q is designed for 1 or 2 people at a time, so that it takes up the minimum space in the office.

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Leading sound insulation

We’ve taken impressive precautions to reduce speech levels that could be overheard outside the pod. This means you never have to worry about private conversations being overheard, or disturbing your co-workers, even if the pods are placed near open-plan desks.

It’s handsome – inside and out

The much-admired signature design of Framery office pods and booths fit naturally in open offices. Our color schemes and accessories fit all styles and needs and – if you need a super flexible solution – just add wheels. Our sustainable, high-quality materials guarantee an exceptional user experience.

Fresh air feeds happiness

Patented innovations make Framery pods a happy place to be and meet. Thanks to impressive ventilation, you can enjoy optimal air quality inside the pod. Inside it’s always quiet and the air stays fresh.

Comfortable privacy for longer meetings

Our Meeting Maggie interior layout is suitable for meetings, brainstorming and much more. Meeting Maggie comes with pleasant LED lighting and two power sockets. Two Maggie sofas with curved or straight backrest and a turnable table are always included.

For Shared Videoconferences

Meeting Maggie Premium interior layout is designed for hybrid work. This soundproof meeting space can be used by 1-4 people, both in-person and online. A Screen bracket and turnable monitor arm makes the layout ideal for videoconferencing, and adjustable lighting & ventilation makes the meeting experience even better.

Heads-down work

The Framery Q Flow interior layout is designed for uninterrupted heads-down work. It comes with an adjustable electric table that allows you to change your working position from sit-to-stand in a matter of seconds. The Flow has plenty of space inside for a chair and even an extra stool, making it possible to invite your colleague in for a chat or a shared video conference.

For easy access

The Flip n’ Fold is one of the more convenient and flexible interior alternatives for the Framery Q office pod. Low doorstep, a wider door with an automatic opener, folding chairs and table enable many different meeting arrangements and easy access with a wheelchair.

Framery Q - technical specifications

Framery Q - technical specifications

222 x 220 x 120 cm (hheight x width x dept)

630 kg

Air flow
total air flow is 66 liter/minute
With optionel active Carbon filter 26 liter/minute

Geluid isolatie
29 dB (Speech Level Reduction according to ISO-23351-1 testing method)