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Framery One
Framery One
Framery One
Framery One
Framery One

Framery One

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The framery One the phone booth for your office. The call box is ideal for calls or video calls. The Framery One is designed for 1 person, so that it takes up the minimum space in the office.

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High standards, as standard

We don’t like to brag, but we’re proud of Framery One’s top rating in the new ISO 23351-1 standard for sound insulation. We’ve taken impressive precautions to reduce speech that could be overheard outside the pod. This means you never have to worry about private conversations being overheard, or disturbing your co-workers, even if the pods are placed near open-plan desks. The pod’s impressive ventilation will keep you feeling fresh and focused, while you enjoy the high air quality. And when we say impressive, we mean it. The ventilation speed for Framery One is 29 liters/second – that’s over four times higher than recommended for occupied spaces.

Optimized for video calls

The world’s most advanced private workspace was engineered for video calls. With automatic lighting, workplace calendar integration, and one-touch controls, it’s the best place in the office to join a video call. Framery One features dual 4000K LED light sources that combine to create the perfect lighting for any use. Top-down lighting from the ceiling provides an even spread of light on every surface. The embedded horizontal light bar casts a soft natural glow evenly on the user’s face without bothering the user. This lighting combination creates a natural, vibrant atmosphere, where every user looks their best.

Smart settings

In Framery One, the pod’s settings and adjustments are just a swipe away. Want to dim the lighting or adjust the airflow? You can manage the booth using the high-res touchscreen and seamless UI. The occupancy light lets people outside know whether the pod is reserved or free to use. You can integrate the pod with your calendar system so reservations can be made easily, or, if the pod is free, simply step inside and it will be reserved automatically. The UI will show an on-screen message to alert you when your booked slot is nearly up. Feel like you need more time? You can extend your current reservation with the touch of a button directly in the UI Panel.

Workplace insights from Framery Connect

Framery Connect is the workplace management tool that gives you valuable insights into how your office works.

Get Office Insights From Behavioral Data
Make office development decisions based on behavioral data – so you know how and when people use the office

Make Your Pods Bookable
Connect Framery One to your organization’s existing calendar – so the entire office stays in sync

Quickly Access Framery Customer Care
Get unparalleled support for any issues that may arise with your connected pods – so you can work worry-free

Perfect for you

How do you work best? The beautiful Framery One is ideal for one person to produce exceptional work, without distractions. Both the seat and generous table (ranging from 70-120cm/27.6-47.2in in height) are designed to be easy to adjust, with footrests on the floor and fixed to the seat to keep you comfortable for long stretches. If you work best on your feet, there’s also the option to choose Framery One without a seat.

Designed for today, built to last

Framery One’s impressive exterior comes in a range of Framery colors, while our design team have created a range of interior panel fabrics, carpet, seats and tables, so you can adapt the pod to suit your company style. And – if you need a super flexible solution – just add wheels. Framery One’s future proofed, modular design means that sections of your pod can be easily upgraded as new tech specifications or ways of working become the norm, while the structure is constructed from steel, which means that 95% of the material used in your pod can be recycled. Steel also helps to ensure that the structure is fireproof, ensuring user safety. And, just like its users, Framery One will carry on improving over time, thanks to software updates that will future-proof it for many years.

Design it anyway you like

Looking for a small office phone booth for important phone calls? Or maybe a bigger pod for team working and co-creating? Framery allows you to design yours to suit your needs from a wide range of useful accessories, fashionable colors and flexible interior options. Choose what you like, and we’ll make it happen.

Framery One - Technical specifications

Framery One - Technical specifications

225 x 122 x 100 cm (height x width x dept)

357 kg

Air flow
total air flow is 29 liter/minute
With optionel active Carbon filter 26 liter/minute

>30 dB (Speech Level Reduction according to ISO-23351-1 testing method)

Electrically adjustable in height (70-120 cm)